Work with the Full Moon to Create the Life You Desire

The Moon is Full when it is in the astrological sign opposite the Sun. This creates a tension that begs release. At each Full Moon set the intention to release something that no longer serves you. This is NOT the time to ask to release everything in your life that needs to go. Working with the Moon’s energy can bring lasting change, but it’s gradual. A process. Like a stream slowly, but persistently, cutting through rock. Pick something that’s small and manageable. If you’ve got something big to let go of, can you break it into smaller parts and focus on each part each month?

Support your intentions with the following suggested rituals.

Release Air into the Fire

Release rumination and over-thinking that prevents you from acting. Write what you wish to release on a piece of paper and burn the paper.

Aries Sun/Libra Full Moon

Leo Sun/Aquarius Full Moon

Sagittarius Sun/Gemini Full Moon


Release Water into the Earth

Release feelings that negatively impact your health and your goals. Watering plants is the most practical way to do this.

Taurus Sun/Scorpio Full Moon

Virgo Sun/Pisces Full Moon

Capricorn Sun/Cancer Full Moon


Release Fire into the Air

Release impulsiveness, resentments and self-destructive behavior. Light candles. State what you wish to release as you blow each one out.

Gemini Sun/Sagittarius Full Moon

Libra Sun/Aries Full Moon

Aquarius Sun/Leo Full Moon

Release Earth into Water

Release stubbornness, resistance to change and skepticism about your intuition. I like to throw rocks in a pond, lake or stream.

Cancer Sun/Capricorn Full Moon

Scorpio Sun/Taurus Full Moon

Pisces Sun/Virgo Full Moon


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